Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beachwood has the second-highest Jewish population per capita outside Isreal

Here's some unique claim to fame, but none too surprising for Greater Cleveland residents. Beachwood clocks in with the second-highest concentration of Jewish people outside of Isreal, and the highest per-capita population outside New York.

1Kiryas Joel, New York[1] United States9922,000
2Beachwood, Ohio[2] United States90.210,700
3Hampstead, Quebec[3] Canada74.25,170
4Côte Saint-LucQuebec[4] Canada69.120,145
5Dover Heights, New South Wales[5] Australia53.32,101
6Caulfield, Victoria[6] Australia45.62,351
7Caulfield North, Victoria[7] Australia44.86,522
8Squirrel HillPittsburgh United States40.010,000
9Caulfield South, Victoria[8] Australia38.64,349
10Thornhill, Ontario Canada36.638,940

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Greater Cleveland has the 16th-largest Jewish population in the world, having been beaten out by three cities in Israel as well as some of the largest cities in the United States.

1Tel Aviv[23] Israel3,214,800
2New York[24] United States2,028,200[25]
3Haifa[23] Israel708,000
4Jerusalem[23] Israel687,000
5Los Angeles United States662,450[26]
6Southern Florida (Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano)[27][28][29] United States535,000
7Philadelphia United States285,950[30]
8Baltimore/Washington, D.C. United States276,445[31]
9Chicago United States265,400[32]
10Boston United States261,100[33]
11Atlanta[21] United States260,300
12San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose)[34] United States228,000
13Toronto[35] Canada164,510
14San Diego[36] United States89,000
15Montreal[37] Canada88,765
16Cleveland-Akron-Canton[38][39][40][41] United States86,600

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